When you live in an apartment, using solar energy seems out of reach. Lucky for you, Forest Properties has made energy efficiency a priority over the past year! We have installed solar panels on Cloverleaf Apartments, as well as on the Fenway & Back Bay Portfolio buildings. Since doing so, we have reduced the amount of monthly energy usage by 30% to 60%! Still not sold on the benefits of going green? Not to worry! We have outlined the greatest benefits to choosing an apartment building that uses green energy.

Save Energy

We all have heard that it’s important to save energy, but why? Using energy saving technologies such as solar panels reduces the amount of natural resources we as Americans need to power our homes. This means we can keep these resources, like oil, natural gas, and coal, on earth longer. In addition, reducing the amount of natural resources we use also limits our output of greenhouse gas emissions. This means we can help prevent pollution for future generations with no change to our daily living routines!

Other Green Initiatives at Forest Properties

Forest Properties has also taken steps toward limiting water consumption in several of our properties! We have begun installing newer, more water-efficient toilets to many of our older buildings. We have also begun adding aerators on faucet heads and installing low-flow shower heads to reduce water usage. In doing so, we are nearly halving the amount of water our residents use in the bathroom!

Since 71% of the earth is covered by water, it can be hard to believe that we need to limit our water consumption. The reality is, however, that only 0.5% of water on earth is available for drinking. Conserving water where we can allows us to use that water for other purposes, like hospitals, street cleaners, firefighters, and more. In addition, when we use less water, we lessen the wasted energy that is needed to deliver water to our homes!

What You Can Do to Help Save the Planet

Limit your water use. Put a ten-minute time limit on showers and remember to turn off the faucet while you’re brushing your teeth!

Reduce your single-use plastic consumption. Invest in a set of sustainable metal straws and consider switching out your daily plastic water bottle for a reusable one!

Reduce, reuse, recycle! It’s so simple, and yet so many of us haven’t adopted this mentality into our lifestyle. Let’s work together to make more conscious decisions to save our planet this year!